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I,Dr Ahsan Salim, have started my clinic in orangi town in 1981.Orangi town is the biggest slum area of Asia, where people live under bad conditions with lack of basic amenities of life with lack of proper water supply and inadequate sanitation and frequent power failures. There is lack of health education, ignorance and poverty. At Al Burooj we have a free asthma clinic where nebulization is being done free of cost. Laboratory tests , ECG and ultrasound facilities are provided at very nominal cost.We provide free medicines to non affording patients from the medical store. On the whole at Al- Burooj quality services are being given to the needy ones.

We have services of a renowned gynecologist who is looking after the maternity section with best antenatal care at low cost .

    We have started asthmatic clinic from 1st september2004 where new cases are identified and treament is being given to patients who come with acute attack of asthma.By this free service many needy children and adults are coming to avail this opportunity and are satisfied with the service provided to them by the trained staff of the clinic.

    A renowned orthopedic Surgeon visited the clinic on 12th January 2005 and appreciated the work being done in this clinic for the poor patients.

    The laboratory has been renovated and tests are being done at very nominal rates.


01.  1997-1998: Over 1000 needy people were given free treatment.


02. 1999: Around 1200 patients were given free treatment.


03. 2000: 1500 patients were given free treatment.


04. 2001: 1800 patients werer provided with free consultation and treatment.


05. 2002: Around 3000 patients were given free treatment.


06. 2003: 3000 patients including children were treated free of cost


07. 1st January 2004 to 30th April 2004: 600 patients were given treatment for different ailments. Needy ones were also provided free laboratory Tests.


08. December 2004: 1476 patients were given treatment.


09. January 2005: 1850 patients were given treatment.


10. February2005: 2010 patients were given treatment and consultation.


11. In March2005 2100 patients were given treatment.


12. In April 2005 1800 patients were given treatment and 140 tests were done in the laboratory.

At Al Burooj we have been able to impart health education by advocating proper nutritional advice to the mothers for their children and advocating breast feeding and discouraging top feeding.

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